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Dornbracht Armature

What about a bathroom that gives you a spiritual relaxation? Dornbracht Armature is giving a whole new mission to the bathrooms increasing their importance with its designs. This mission; Spiritual relief …
As a result of long experiences, Dornbracht Armature explains that people give more importance to their rituals and behaviors, and that they are doing this research to make their works more qualified. Thus, the company that reveals designs that provide spiritual relaxation, has given a brand new identity to the bathroom.


Dornbracht, which makes its production in Germany, is known worldwide as a manufacturer of quality armatures and bathroom accessories. The company is often preferred by architects and decoration specialists with its designs and awards for its firsts.

Privilege of Taking A Shower While Resting

With a vertical shower, the system gives thousands of drops of water to your body at the same time, giving you an experience you never want to get out of.
Having invented the first horizontal shower system in the world, the brand creates an unforgettable experience for those who use this system. This system provides a shower while resting, with a design created by fixing 6 taps on the lying place. The horizontal shower system, which offers a balanced, refreshing and relaxing shower, can be remotely controlled. Think of the six taps giving water to your body at the same time, and you can enjoy this with Dornbracht Armature.