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Glass Design : Bathroom Cabinet

Glass Design

In the city which inspired Leonardo Da Vinci, Glass Design, which makes production in Tuscany, literally brings art to its products. The brand that has brought Italian perfection to the whole world since 1984, is a real expert in bathroom design.
Glass Design, one of the iconic brands of Italian design, is making wonders with its glass and stainless steel materials. The brand brings you the futuristic bathroom with its crazy, original and functional designs, allowing you to have a bathroom in the art gallery atmosphere.
Those who think that the aesthetics is everything and feeds their souls with a visual feast meet the spectacular bathrooms. The company, which has been followed by the interior architects and decoration specialists, has many art and design awards around the world.

Technology, Tradition, Art, Allin One Bathroom

If you want to have a bathroom that focuses on both traditional and futuristic styles, you should prefer Glass Design. Designed by special designers who have given their heart to the art and adopted it as a lifestyle, Glass Design products have designs that interior designers and interior designers need to use in their projects. It is possible to create bathrooms that will amaze you with creative shapes and fascinating color harmonies with Glass Design.
Special washbasin prepared by 15 separate glass artists adding a piece of themselves will contribute to your home creating an outstanding and high-quality bathroom. Add art and originality to your bathroom with Glass Design.