Albed kapı

Albed, Ledgeless Glass Door

Albed kapı


Since 1964, Albed has been used by designers all over the world. With its ledgeless glass door models, it impresses both its users and visitors. Ledgeless Glass Doors, which revolutionized interior doors, are made for those who want to have the simple nobility everywhere in their designs.


Albed Ledgeless Glass Doors, which you can use as a separator in the office or to separate the dressing room from the bedroom, appeal to those who want to keep the simplicity and classiness at the forefrot. With the doors and door accessories designed by renowned designers, the brand that is the world’s glass door preference, gives your design a much more modern and exclusive character.

Start With Your Door For A Stylish Atmosphere

Create the beginning of anfabulous environment with the sense of elegance that will be feltthe moment you enter the space. These wonderfully designed ledgeless doors will inspire you everywhere and give your environment an exclusive atmosphere. In addition, Albed ledgeless doors have a comfortable use with safety and durability.
Albed, which started its operations with aluminum production, brings you Italy’s eye-catching art. These unique doors, which can make high quality felt even from a distance, are among the indispensable options of architects and design experts. Raw materials and apparatus used during production have a friendly and favorable structure all over the world. Having received design and quality awards in many products, the company is reaching out to those who are trying to create different environments with Adnanlar.

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