Friulparchet - Parke

Friulparchet Parquet

Friulparchet - Parke

Friulparchet Italian LamintedParquet

The design is very important for your parquet to adapt to different concepts. With Friulparchet Italian LaminatedParquet, you can complete the classiness of your space and use it for many years in harmony with different styles.
Made entirely from real wood, Friulparchet Italian Lamine Parquet adds an authentic and elite atmosphere to your surroundings. The magnificent patterns created from real wood inspire you with their appearance. These tremendous parquets, which will survive years of deterioration or wear, will provide you with a lifelong distinguished atmosphere.

80 Years of Experience

The Italian firm Friulparchet, which has a history of about 80 years, comes up with the idea of building the future of two people who fall in love with each other. These two, who love the nature and tree, decide to produce furniture from forest products. The couple, forced to close their companies due to the war, was in search of a new sector where there is still a tree in it. The veteran couple who once again set up a company for their sector, eventually handed over their company to their children. The company, which is currently under the control of the fourth generation, has soon gained great success in Italy and then in the world. The heirs, who have made their brand a world leader, have been in favor of innovation.
This unique achievement was gained with experience, quality and commitment to quality. Friulparchet Italian LaminatedParquet is the product of a lifelong success struggle. The fact that today is one of the sought-after brands of the world comes from the commitment of the entire family to their business.
The Italian brand named Friulparchet is impressive in terms of quality as much as its history. Today, it is the perfect product, service and technology that makes the brand preferred by many successful interior decorators and decoration experts. Make room for artistic designs of Italy.

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