Domus Linea - Seramik

Domus Linea Ceramic

Domus Linea - Seramik

Domus Linea, Cotto Ceramic

Domus Linea adds a contemporary dimension to the ceramics, adding to the richness of your interior and exterior spaces. As you can see the unique projects, these ceramics you will want to include in your design will give you a whole new perspective with its Italian quality and aesthetics.


With its easy use and high quality look, ceramics which is an indispensable material of designs gives your space elegance and depth with different texture and pattern options. Domus Linea brand gives the ceramics an entirely different dimension with the patterns it creates, adds qualities to your interior and exterior spaces.


Inspired by the ancient tradition of Cotto in its designs, Domus Linea is one of the brands that have gained a worldwide reputation with projects that have been performed up to now. Domus Linea, one of the most well-known ceramic manufacturers in Italy, adds a new one to its designs every day. The company, which has become the spotlight of designers with its wide choice of products open to different uses, plays a pioneering role with natural stone, clinker and ceramics.


Each Tile of Domus Linea Is Unique Worldwide