If you think that the floor, which is one of the first places that attracts attention in your space, should be of good quality and reflect the style, take a look at the products of parquet brands collected under Adnanlar. We are confident that you will have access to design products that you find difficult to find.
Since parquet will stay in your space for many years, quality and design are very important. It should appeal to many styles and should not be adversely affected by external factors. Therefore, in the selection process, attention should be paid to the pattern of production and the design concept of the brand. You can reach very quality and aesthetic products with Adnanlar. Adnanlar brings the designs produced with the perfect Italian design conceptto yourspace. Products that are sensitive to the environment and do not cause problems can be foundin Adnanlar.

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The product, which is divided into two as laminate and laminated, creates a natural and warm atmosphere in your space. It is produced from laminate, sawdust and compressed paper. Its durability limit is lower than laminated. It is generally used as coating material. Laminated parquet, on the other hand, is made from real wood and its patterns reflect the natural structure of the tree. It is produced from 100% organic material. It is therefore healthier, more durable, more aesthetic and more expensive.
Laminated products that neutralize human energy and contain no foreign substances, have no health hazards. Produced from natural materials, Laminated parquet provides you with a warm and impressive atmosphere with patterns and wood coloring. These designs that adapt to all kinds of decoration styles should be supplied from environmentally sensitive companies. Brands that produce from the wastes of pruned trees or plant trees in the place of trees cut should be preferred.
In addition, Laminated parquet, which has the the feature noise insulation, gives your environment an acoustic structure. The product, which is indispensable for a long life, aesthetic and quality look, is often preferred by interior architects and decoration specialists.