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Our Armature Group,

If you want to make a difference in your bathroom, kitchen or garden, take a look at the custom armature designs of world brands under the Adnanlar roof. You will find the aesthetics, technology and quality you seek in Adnanlar.


The designs of apparatuses that control the discharge of water in your bathroom, in your kitchen, or in another area should ensure compatibility with your sanitary ware products and the design of the bathroom. In addition, products with technological systems that bring water to you quickly, saving water for maximum satisfaction, should be preferred. The latest models, equipped with European quality and technology, which carry the aesthetic details of Italian design, will add value to your bathroom.

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You can find details of the curvature, the shape of the buttons, products of design excellence which gives you a privileged bathing pleasure in Adnanlar. The works of successful designers transforming the steel into arts will transform your bathroom into an artistic atmosphere that you will enjoy.
Advanced armature systems provide you with water saving and contribute to the environment. In addition, instantly responsive systems help you to have a more hygienic and easy use. It is the part that is used most in your bathroom and kitchen, which is used in areas such as faucets, shower heads, toilet systems. So it is important to be durable and of good quality.