Galassia - Vitrifiye

Galassia Sanitary Ware

Galassia - Vitrifiye

Galassia Sanitary Ware, Italian Art

Meet the company that designs and manufactures the most eye-catching sanitary products in Italy and the surrounding area. With its successful designers and unique products, Galassia Sanitary Ware is almost the only choice of architects and decoration specialists. Do not finish your bathroom without looking at the products of this brand.


The higher aesthetics and quality of the sanitary ware products are, the more aesthetic and quality your bathroom will be. Galassia Sanitary Ware products with magical touches and aelegant structure have the features that can be used in almost any style of design.


It is difficult to make a difference and to make this difference accepted. The difference in the design is so appealing that you can easily admire its products or insist on having these products in the bathroom. With Galassia Sanitary Ware products; your bathroom can have a distinguished feature, you can emphasize your creativity with black color variations.


In addition to the classiness and simpliness of the white products, the nobility in black products and the eye-catching products are produced for everyone who loves design and give a place to aesthetics in life.


With its comfort, ease and aesthetics, the brand that hosts the elite projects, creates its designs for put into practice the high quality spaces. The brand, of which designs arecreated by successful interior designers and creators, with its perfect products and the technological systems that respond to the needs, is at the top of the choices of many places in the world.
Galassia Sanitary Ware, who designs the bathrooms of luxurious hotels of famous cities like Dubai, Milan and Singapore, proves with the successful projects that itpresents the artistry. Architects and decoration specialists, who aim to design a functional and artistic bathroom, prefer this brand’s designs.

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