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Nobili Armature

Nobili Armature

Nobili Armature, the world’s preferred brand with its unmatched elegance, ease of use and technology, meets those who seek the quality in Adnanlar. The brand, which has become an indispensable part of architects and decoration specialists with their aesthetic collections, transforms stainless steel into a work of art.
The brand, which is an expert in transforming a simple tap into an artistic object, is followed with great appreciation by the world thanks to its functional products. Now celebrating its 60th anniversary, the company is giving its customers tremendous experiences with its special collections and applications for the anniversary.


Nobili Armature works for designers who are in favor of aesthetics and quality with systems that makes the water live.

Company that reflects Italian esthetics to all details

Using advanced technology, Nobili Armature produces taps that last for many years to provide durability, giving you a technology that is suitable for “less water, more efficiency” principle. Armatures that react instantly, give you a unique tapping experience with quality.

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