Novabell Ceramic

Novabell Ceramic

Novabell Seramik, which defines itself as a “a ceramic love story”, has not sacrificed quality and aesthetics since 60 years. Every day, the company develops its designs, operation and technology, and currently it has become one of the world’s successful ceramic brands.


The ceramics at the top of the parts that emphasize the space design are among the materials which are most preferred both with the texture and the designs. Novabell Seramik offers the perfect material for your design, with unique designs placed on the raw materials and tiles used. These ceramics which make a strong impression with quality and texture will be one of the most distinguished parts of your environment.

Novabell, The Company Adding Love to Ceramics

Novabell Seramik is a company that has devoted itself to ceramics for many years, understands the language of ceramics and aims to deliver it to you with a perfect design. The company that produces each collection with love, reveals excellent designs with inspiration from this unique joy. These unique products, which impress interior architects and decoration experts at first sight, are being produced to offer you environments designed with love.

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