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Catalano Sanitary Ware

Catalano - Vitrifiye

Catalano Perfect Sanitary Ware

A very special Sanitary Ware brand that will give quality to your bathroom, with fine details and eye-catching texture in its designs: Catalano Sanitary Ware
Designed with small touches, it has a unique design feature. These sanitary ware products, which provide a wonderful look by quickly adapting to the installed place, will be the material you like most in your bathroom.
The only preferred brand of architects and design specialists in Italy has been producing products and services since 1967. The company, which has a production capacity of around 1,500 pieces per day, is among the largest ones in Italy. Fascinating architects and decorators with its distinguished and original products, Catalano Sanitary Ware presents designs beyond your expectations with its experience.

Maximum Satisfaction With Design And Quality

Catalano Sanitary Ware, which has an international reputation, offers sanitary ware products that express the aesthetic sense of Italy. Round and square patterns are designed by keeping the simplicity and elegance at the forefront. The brand of bathrooms and toiletspreferred by designers who want to be specialuses the latest technology robot systems during production. Catalano, which has adopted a principle of more production with less energy, uses raw materials that are readily soluble in the environment. These sanitary ware products, which distinguish make a difference in terms of their durability, offer maximum satisfaction to the users.
Unlike traditional surfaces, products that are dirt-resistant and have an intact ceramic structure are extremely durable and smooth with the help of technology. These products, which have a structure that prevents the waste of water, have a structure that provides easy cleaning and high performance.Working with research and development activities for less water consumption and better technology every day, Catalano company is reaching you with Adnanlar, which brings together the most qualified global brands.

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